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Welcome to Spring Term in Year 5!


In English, we have enjoyed Beowulf so much that we have decided to continue with our topic for a few more weeks. We are finishing off by writing a newspaper report on Grendel’s atrocious attack on the mead hall.

 Mead Hall Massacre


Our next text will be The Pearl Diver by Julia Johnson, a story set in in the Arabian Gulf, which tells of a way of life that had died out by the 1950s, but had existed for hundreds of years in the Gulf prior to that.

Our Science topic of ‘Properties and Changes of Materials’ has got off to an exciting start as we have already tested and investigated materials for filtering muddy water, as well as looking at solutions, mixtures, electrical conductors and buoyant materials.

Muddy water

Linking this to the Computing curriculum, we will be using data loggers, sensors and software to investigate which material would be best for keeping mountaineers warm whilst climbing some of the world’ s highest summits.

Later on in the term we will be introducing the children to local History and Geography, exploring the trade and industry of the Northwich region.

Our Wider Opportunities musiclesson continues every Tuesday afternoon. We have now all learnt five notes on our various instruments and are also beginning to read musical notation.

The School Week

To help support your child through their busy days at school, please can you make sure they have everything they need to fully participate and achieve their potential.



Reading is key to a child’s development and progress. We try and expose the children to lots of different written material at school – novels, poems, magazines, text-books, recipes, instructions – as through reading, children gain knowledge and inspiration. We also ask that you read at home with your child four times a week, and that it is recorded in their Planner.

 The Planner is also a great way to communicate with staff, as we read them every day and can respond to your enquiries, as drop off and pick-up times are often very busy.

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