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Year 5 Autumn 2 Term 2017


This term in Year 5 we are focusing our learning in English around the topic of ‘A Journey Through Time and Space’. We are learning the text of ‘Garden of Statues’, a Doctor Who fairy tale, using Talk for Writing. We will also be using an adaptation of War of the Worlds to enhance the vocabulary and descriptive imagery in our narrative writing.

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Linking in with this is our Science topic of ‘Earth and Space’; posing, investigating and answering such questions as;

“How do we know the Earth orbits the sun?”

“Does the moon change shape throughout the month?”

To support our learning in this, we will be visiting Spaceport early in November.

Later on in the term we will be introducing the Smashing Saxons; learning why they came to England, where they came from, how they lived and comparing their everyday lives to ours.

We have a jam-packed and varied curriculum in Year 5, and we are proud of the opportunities offered to the children.

The School Week

To help support your child through their busy days at school, please can you make sure they have everything they need to fully participate and achieve their potential.


Every day




Ready   for our Wider Opps lessons on Tuesday.

PE Kit

Every day

PE sessions on Monday and Thursday, but children need to have their kit every day for active clubs and other activities.

A list of the school PE kit is in the front of the Planner.

Swimming Kit



Spelling Book

Monday and Friday

We will hand the spellings out on Monday and the children will be tested on Friday.

Completed Homework Books


We will give Maths and English homework out on Wednesday. Each subject should take approx. half an hour.

Water Bottle

Every   day




Reading is key to a child’s development and progress. We try and expose the children to lots of different written material at school – novels, poems, magazines, text-books, recipes, instructions – as through reading, children gain knowledge and inspiration.

We also ask that you read at home with your child four times a week, and that it is recorded in their Planner and signed by you.

Partners in Education

As Class Teachers, we are partners with parents and carers in the education of your children. It is important that children receive the support they need at home to practise their spellings and times tables, read every day if necessary and complete their homework.

 The Planner is also a great way to communicate with staff, as we read them every day and can respond to your enquiries, as drop off and pick-up times are often very busy.

Please follow us on Twitter for regular updates about your child’s learning journey

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Future Dates for Your Diary

7th November             E-Safety Workshop

8th November             Spaceport

13th December           Anglo-Saxon Day at Tatton Park

11th – 12th January      Local history and drama workshop, The Lion Salt Works

12th – 14th February   Bikeability

26th – 29th June         Conway Residential


Many thanks for your continued support.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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