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Welcome to Summer Term in Year 5!






In English, we are exploring wishing tales, starting with Henry’s Freedom Box by Ellen Levine.  This story is set in Virginia in the early 1800’s, where a young boy dreams of being free from slavery, and the ingenious way he managed to escape.  Alongside this we will also be reading A Girl Called Dog as our class reading text.


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In Maths, we are finishing off our work on decimals, and really getting to grips with adding, subtracting and sequencing.  Later in the term we will move onto geometry followed by measurement




Our Science topic of Animals including humans continues, as we describe the changes as we develop into old age.

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Our History topic this term is Trade and Industry.  To tie in with our class text we have decided to look into the slave trade and more specifically the slave triangle between Africa, Britain and The United States of America. 




Our Wider Opportunities music lesson continues every Tuesday afternoon. We have now all learnt five notes on our various instruments and are also beginning to read musical notation.  We hope you enjoyed our musical celebration and will support the children in learning their new pieces for our performance at ‘Come Play with The Halle’ on the 21st June.


The School Week


To help support your child through their busy days at school, please can you make sure they have everything they need to fully participate and achieve their potential.


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Reading is key to a child’s development and progress. We try and expose the children to lots of different written material at school – novels, poems, magazines, text-books, recipes, instructions – as through reading, children gain knowledge and inspiration. We also ask that you read at home with your child four times a week, and that it is recorded in their Planner.


The Planner is also a great way to communicate with staff, as we read them every day and can respond to your enquiries, as drop off and pick-up times are often very busy.



ANY QUESTIONS? Please feel free to ask if you have any questions through the year. We are available after school or phone the school office and we will return your call. You can also use your child’s diary to send a message.


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Thank you for your continued support


Mrs Wieckowski and Mr Munro


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