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Peer Mentors

A peer mentor can help others to respect rights and responsibilities. 

Mrs Wade works alongside the fantastic team of year six Peer Mentors who help and support all the children from reception to year 6. The Peer Mentors have undertaken a lot of training to enable them to best support the children who may need their help.

Peer Mentors are good listeners these are some of their skills:

  • Makes eye contact, but doesn’t stare 
  • Concentrates 
  • Has good body language – relaxed and without ‘fiddling’ 
  • Puts the person at ease 
  • Acknowledges the problem 
  • Makes time 
  • Lets people finish without interrupting 
  • Helps the person talk about their feelings 
  • Shows that they understand how the other person is feeling 
  • Responds appropriately 
  • Is non judgemental 
  • Is patient and understanding 
  • Keeps his or her own opinions to themselves 
  • Helps the person find their own solutions

On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at lunchtime the Peer Mentors and Mrs Wade run The Oasis Club where children can play indoors with lots of fun activities and get to know the Peer Mentor team members. Every lunchtime there are a team of Peer Mentors who work on a rota basis to ensure there is always someone to talk to outside in the playground.
Peer Mentors look out for anyone who seems unsettled and also help settle any minor playground disagreements.

You can see who the Peer Mentors are as they wear blue tabards with Peer Mentor on them.