Please find below a link to a Google Form Questionnaire to complete for your child. This information that you provide will help us to support your child as much as we can as they return to school.

Click the link next to your child’s class, as of September 2020.
Children’s Well-being Questionnaire for returning to school in September 2020:
Reception Mrs Wills –
Reception Mrs Haves  –
Year 1 Mrs Fisher –
Year 1 Miss Martin –
Year 2 Miss Coates –
Year 2 Miss Meehan –
Year 3 Miss Cooke –
Year 3 Miss Stewart –
Year 4 Mr Sharples –
Year 4 Mrs Wieckowski –
Year 5  Mrs Scott –
Year 5 Mr Jones –
Year 6 Miss Rees –
Year 6 Mr Munro –
Class 7 –

School has made amendments to ensure we operate in a way that minimises risk to children, staff and our wider community. Some school policies have been amended to take into account actions.