Pepper and Princess are another two additions to the Barnton Community Nursery and Primary School family.

“We have watched them grow from tiny piglets into huge oinkers and learnt all about a pig’s life cycle in the process!” – Owen, Year 6.

“One of our pigs, Pepper, is nearly five years old (and is pink!). She is very intelligent, although she hasn’t got the greatest eyesight”.

“Pepper’s favourite thing is to have her bellied tickled. Whenever you rub her stomach, she will roll onto her back. Also, Pepper loves rolling in the mud when she is bored or just to amuse herself.” – Elizabeth, Year 6.

“When the children are in class learning, the two pigs can often be spotted snuffling around our forest area, hunting for roots. They have their own private, personal pens and live a life of luxury – often being treated to leftovers from our school allotment or apples from our apple trees.