Able, Gifted & Talented

We were the first school in Cheshire West and Chester to achieve the Challenge Award, March 2010, recognising the work we do with our more able pupils; providing learning experiences to challenge and motivate.

We identify and nurture pupils if they have a gift or a talent in a specific area whether it be academic, creative or sporting. As with all our children, we aim to support them in developing their skills so that they may reach their full potential and achieve to the best of their ability. To enable this great care is taken in each lesson to provide work that challenges, stretches and excites pupils on a daily basis, predominantly targeted at developing their logical, investigative, problem solving and higher order thinking skills.

Additionally we provide extra curricular enrichment opportunities such as Master Classes and after school clubs through close partnerships with our feeder High Schools and other professionals. Indeed we value and celebrate the achievements of every child, irrespective of academic ability. We encourage children to aim to do their very best in everything they do and develop their understanding of how they can further push boundaries and strive for excellence – furthermore recognising and celebrating high achievement along the way.

Parents and families can support their gifted and talented children in a variety of ways, such as taking them to museums and galleries, actively encouraging their hobbies, reading to them and developing their curiosity through questioning them. Gifted and talented children often like playing games and solving puzzles, and enjoy interacting both with adults and their peers.

These children, in years to come, may be the ones who will break the boundaries of what we know and understand today.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your child’s gift or talent, our G&T coordinator would be very happy to speak with you.